Assessing The Student

Kindergarten Student Shares Speech And PoemAt Five Oaks Academy, we use multiple forms of assessment to determine social, personal, and academic progress for the individual child. The methods we use largely include observation and individual assessment of the child’s performance. To assess children individually, we make note of rate of completion & accuracy, ability to stay organized and on task, and willingness and ability to work within the community. Assigned work is assessed using multiple methods: individual review and revision, whole group lesson participation, and small group lesson demonstration of knowledge. Observation lends the opportunity to assess preference, strength, and avoidance academically, personally, and socially. These things are all critical to understanding your child.

Students Receive Multiple Forms of AssessmentAdditional forms of assessment include oral and written examination and demonstration of knowledge through presentations and lessons to peers. These are authentic opportunities for assessment. MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing is another form of assessment used at Five Oaks Academy. It offers a nationally standardized view of your child’s ability to take a test. Our rationale for using the MAP test is three-fold: to give children the real life experience of testing, to identify areas of strength and need for children within our curriculum, and to have a standardized document for children to carry with them to schools when they leave Five Oaks Academy.