Parent Lecture Series

Parent Lecture Series
Five Oaks Academy - Simpsonville, SC
6:00 PM
7:00 PM

LE-Middle-“21st Century Learning” / Primary-“Art, Music & Sciences”

Please join us as we host two separate tracks for parents of both Lower Elementary to Middle School students and Primary students to participate in a discussion of  the role of Montessori, academics and Five Oaks Academy in preparing our students to be citizens of a modern, global community.

21st Century Learning Goals:  How They Apply to the Montessori Classroom
Elementary & Middle School (Grades 1-8)

The educational needs are changing in the 21st century and Montessori is proving to be one of the leading methods of education that is meeting these needs.  Explore with us the key components for future success and how they apply to your child.

At Five Oaks Academy, children learn critical thinking skills, application of knowledge, analysis of information, comprehension of new ideas, communication, collaboration, problem solving, and decision making. All of these concepts and skills are blended with the core curriculum areas, expression of creativity, foreign language, technology, inquiry, and entrepreneurialism to give the children a diverse, demanding, and progressive education.  Please join us as we share our approach and implementation of the global standards for the 21st Century learner.

“Art, Music, Geography, & Science”

Montessori philosophy values the education of the “whole child.” Through science and geography lessons, children are able to see themselves as part of a larger world community. Montessori children also learn to respect life and the cultures of others. We endeavor for our children to be students of the world! Art and music in the classroom allows for continued exploration of other curriculum concepts as well as for creative individual expression.

Child care will be provided.