I study botany and use my knowledge to
nurture my classroom’s crops in our
school’s organic garden.

I am in the first grade and
I am just getting started.

I am using my entrepreneurial skills to run
a school business that will help fund our
class trip to Washington, D.C.

I study modern art and mixed mediums
to express myself creatively.

I am responsible for managing our school’s
organic garden and know the importance
of photosynthesis to our crops.

I helped develop the marketing plan
for our school’s Earth Day sale.

I help shape my education by exploring more
deeply the subjects that interest me.

I am encouraged to make my own
choices and I am always
up for a challenge.

I am a leader in my community and a
mentor to the younger students
at my school.

I am in the seventh grade and I already
have a vision for my future.