Global Classroom

The Extended Montessori ClassroomMiddle School Students at Metropolitan Museum of Art In NYCIn our current world of technology, creativity, entrepreneurship, collaboration and instant access to information across our globe, our children need to function confidently and feel comfortable navigating themselves in an environment that reflects this same scenario. To achieve this ambitious goal, we involve children in many experiences in order to develop their abilities. The Five Oaks Academy faculty teaches children the importance of functioning interdependently within the community of Five Oaks and to understand what that means. We teach tolerance, communication, collaboration, independence, time management, use of inquiry, development of research skills, creative application of ideas, and process of creation, revision, and finalization of ideas. Children complete their own pursuits of information and bring them to a significant full circle by presenting or sharing with their communities. Children use multiple modes for presentations which may include any combination of oral, written, demonstration, visual, and digital platforms. These range in formality from one on one, to small or large group presentations, to formal presentations. We continue to follow the path out of the classrooms to allow our children to experience correspondence with others through video conferencing and pen-pal experiences, which in turn deeply enriches their cultural awareness and understanding.