Event Categories

Every event at Five Oaks Academy is unique, but in order to help you find the one you are looking for we have grouped them into the following categories:
Featured Events

Every event at Five Oaks Academy is special but sometimes there are ones we REALLY want to make sure you do not miss!

School Closings & Early Dismissals

School-wide closing or early dismissals that impact all classrooms of the Five Oaks Academy community.

Community Celebrations

Special events and celebrations where all classrooms from the Five Oaks Academy community will be participating.

PTO Events

Events hosted, sponsored or supported by the Five Oaks Academy Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) that are intended for specific classrooms or the entire community.

Parent Lecture Series

An ongoing event series that takes place over the course of the academic year at Five Oaks Academy and often include guest speakers, special presentations and topics of interest.