Labyrinth Honors FOA StudentsLabyrinths have been around for thousands of years; they are used in many different settings for various purposes.  They can be found on all continents, and have been used by people from many cultural backgrounds.  Studying labyrinths and those who have used them draws a special interested to cultural history and geography.  Art, science, mathematics, and language can all be integrated into studies of labyrinths and labyrinth experiences.  Today labyrinths are found in hospitals, educational settings, churches, hospices, retreat and recreation facilities, private homes, and in public gardens.  Current uses of labyrinths include meditation, relaxation, worship, exploration, self-discovery, and the healing of mind, spirit, and body.

Traveling a labyrinth’s path is a personal journey that is unlike any other.  Children and adults can have meaningful experiences to explore.   Five Oaks Academy’s Labyrinth is on the world-wide Labyrinth Locator and we are the twelfth to be recognized in the State of South Carolina.  Our labyrinth designer is Beth Langley.