Our faculty represents a diverse group of individuals from around the United States.  We recruit nationally and have high standards for faculty selection.  To achieve Montessori Certification each teacher obtains an undergraduate degree  followed by 2-6 years of additional higher degree training for each certification level.  As a school we actively promote the ongoing development of our faculty.

Executive Director
Assistant Director / Art Program Directress
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Coordinator
Senior Administrative Coordinator
Office Coordinator
Facilities Manager and Security Consultant
Middle School Lead Program Directress
Middle School Directress
Middle School Director
Middle School Directress and Level Up Village Coordinator
Middle School Directress
Co-Lead Upper Elementary Directress./ Administrative Coordinator
Co-Lead Upper Elementary Directress
Upper Elementary Directress and Curriculum Coordinator/ Creativity Art Directress
Lead Lower Elementary Program Directress
Lead Lower Elementary Directress
Lower Elementary Directress and Lower Elementary Curriculum Coordinator
Lower Elementary Directress
Lower Elementary Directress
Lower Elementary Assistant Directress
Lower Elementary Assistant Directress
Lead Primary Program Directress
Primary Directress
Primary Assistant Directress
Primary Assistant Directress
Pre-Primary Program Directress
Co-Lead Pre-Primary Directress
Lead Spanish Program Directress
World Music Director
Music Directress
Music Directress
CARE Coordinator
Afterschool and Lunch and Learn Program Directress/Garden Coordinator/Related Arts