The Annual Fund

FOAAF-LogoThe Five Oaks Academy Annual Fund evaluates opportunities to make a meaningful impact on our academic programs, our faculty and our students. By working closely with the school and its faculty, needs are identified and evaluated based upon the ability of the gift to further our shared, relentless pursuit of developing a world class environment dedicated to the education of our children.

All contributions to the Five Oaks Academy Annual Fund are tax deductible and are used to create, enhance or expand initiatives in three distinct areas that relate to Five Oaks Academy:

  • Program Excellence to enrich the student experience through supplemental resources, extended classroom experiences, educational content and overall community development;
  • Faculty Excellence to promote the continued professional development of teachers through access to perspective-broadening opportunities with a focus on enriching the academic experience;
  • and Student Excellence through need-based financial scholarships to ensure that students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds contribute to the well-rounded world view embraced by the school.