Montessori Method

Primary Students Develop Life SkillsThe curriculum at Five Oaks Academy integration of academic subject areas with topics that also complement the development of children into world citizens. Teachers foster and build the skills of inquiry and research so that children become inspired to learn because they have access to the answers of their own questions. This empowerment is what offers momentum to learning at Five Oaks Academy. Coupled with inquiry and research are freedom and exploration. The students have freedom with limits which allows them to explore ideas and concepts that are truly interesting to them uniquely.

Lower Elementary Student Working With Hand On MaterialHistory and Values

Maria Montessori was a great humanitarian, physician, educator, and philosopher. Her works from over a century ago have inspired millions of educators worldwide to establish holistic and logical learning environments where children are empowered to embrace their intellectual capabilities, independence, autonomy, individuality, and interdependence with respect, dignity, and grace. She believed that the focus of education is revealed by the needs of the child and that this process, founded in observation, will bring the child to the discovery of education in a positive and powerful way that remains a part of the child for his or her lifetime.

Primary Student Explores Geography With Hands on LearningThe Montessori Method thrives in thousands of schools worldwide.  While each school has its unique variations, an authentic Montessori school shares core values that permeate its community.

  • Children are intrinsically motivated and succeed when their learning activities incorporate movement and opportunities for independence
  • Children become self-disciplined when empowered to choose learning activities designed for specific developmental and learning needs.
  • Each classroom strives to be a respectful community of multi-age learners
  • Classrooms and other areas on campus are learning environments prepared with curriculum and materials
  • Teachers are educated and certified Montessori teachers.
  • Parents understand and support the purposes of the school; they are partners.

Excerpts of this page are from The Authentic American Montessori School: A Guide to the Self-Study, Evaluation, and Accreditation of American Montessori Schools Committed to Montessori Education by Dr. Nancy Rambush and Dr. John Stoops.