Three Year Cycle

Science Investigations and Exploration In A Three Year CycleDr. Montessori’s extensive research and observation of the planes of development necessitated an educational approach that facilitates an extended educational time frame where children learn based on the time lines of their own development. A Montessori education is sequential and meant to be experienced over a three-year time span.

Upper Elementary Native American Studies As Part of Three Year LessonMath and language lessons are taught individually and in small groups with careful consideration to sequencing, age appropriateness of content, and needs of the child. Our history, science, and cultural lessons are taught over the course of the three year curriculum. While core lessons are taught every year; further discovery, and exploration of concepts are divided into a three year cycle so significant inquiry and depth can be achieved. Additionally, as a school community we have divided our continent explorations into three year studies so that we investigate every continent within a three year span.