Strengths Movement

The Strengths movement is a refreshing approach to guiding children.ย  It incorporates activities that help children to begin to know themselves betterย and to recognize their individual personal strengths.

Middle School Student Interns At Local BusinessAt its core, the Strengths Movement is a social movement intended to change how we view ourselves, others, and our world. The Strengths Movement has its roots in the positive psychology movement. Its central premise is that people will be more productive, better adjusted, healthier, and experience more meaningful lives when the focus at school, work, and in personal relationships is on their strengths rather than their weaknesses.

The Strengths Movement sets out to tie all efforts together under one cohesive idea: the way for all children and adults to succeed in the future is by focusing on their strengths. It is time to shift the focus away from remediation of weaknesses and toward discovering the potential of strengths in every child.

Middle School Student Mentors Primary StudentsJenifer Fox is an international award-winning author and speaker and a recognized educational expert, leader of the Strengths Movement within our educational system, for parents and organizations that serve youth and teacher trainer.

Her message is straightforward. Education as we know it today is heading toward obsolescence. In order for young people to be successful in the future, they will need to know what energizes them, what keeps their interests, what their contribution is going to be and what they have to offer to relationships with others. Developing your strengths will be as important as understanding technology.