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Admissions Process

Five Oaks Academy Entry Sign Welcoming Visitors

Thank you for your interest in Five Oaks Academy.  Our admissions process is designed to ensure that our school is a good fit for both your child and your family.  We are seeking families that support our policy of educating the whole child.  Educating the whole child prepares our students for life in the 21st century.  Conflict resolution, decision making, individualized thinking, and identification of personal strengths are a part of every classroom.

The admissions process at Five Oaks Academy involves multiple steps. Our priority in guiding this experience is to introduce the parent and child to Five Oaks Academy.

The application process involves, but is not limited to:

  1. Open House or Private Tour: We encourage all prospective parents to read through our website and then visit our campus during one of our Open Houses or through a private tour. This will give prospective parents the opportunity to observe the environment of a Montessori classroom during the school day and have questions answered.  Tours may be scheduled by calling our office at 864-228-1881 and following the prompts toward admissions.  Following the tour, parents will be given an enrollment packet.  Enrollment packets include information describing the programs available at Five Oaks Academy as well as all the necessary information to fill out the online application.
  2. Online Application:  Submit the student application via the online admissions portal and pay the application fee.
  3. Student Interview: The child’s Interview Day will allow them to experience a day at Five Oaks Academy. This gives the child the chance to experience the Montessori Work Cycle, the social environment, and the teaching style of individual teachers. It also provides our teachers the opportunity to observe each child and evaluate their level of independence, social/emotional response to the environment, and assess their academic ability.
    • Elementary and Middle School applicants: FOA must receive all school records (including academic, disciplinary reports, any available test scores, and attendance) prior to scheduling the student’s interview in the classroom. If test scores are not available, we will schedule a time for the student to take the appropriate MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) prior to the student’s visit day. Each student’s application and records are formally reviewed by the Admissions Committee prior to scheduling the student visit.
    • Length of Student Interview by Level: Children are introduced to our community in developmentally appropriate ways. We have our younger applicants participate in short interviews with parents close by while we ask the older students to visit our classrooms for the entire day or more. The visit day to Five Oaks Academy is a key experience for the parents, child, and school.
      • Applicants for the Pre-Primary program will visit the classroom for an informal interview for approximately 15 minutes.
      • Applicants for the half-day Primary program (3k and 4k) will visit the classroom for approximately 1 hour, without their parents.
      • Applicants for the full-day Primary (Kindergarten), Elementary, and Middle School programs are asked to schedule a day-long visit to the classroom.
  4. Parent interview with Executive Director or Assistant Director: FOA is seeking Montessori-minded parents who understand and support the Montessori philosophy. This interview is to determine the perceived parental support of our school community as well as the understanding of our Montessori program.
  5. Review of Application by the Admissions Committee: Upon completion of the student and parent interviews, your child’s application will be sent to the Admissions Committee for consideration. An admissions decision will be made by the schedule below.

Admissions Decision Dates for the 2023-2024 Academic Year:

      • First Round Decisions – March 3 (Interviews Completed by February 24)
      • Second Round Decisions- April 3 (Interviews Completed by March 27)
      • Third Round Decisions – May 1 (Interviews Completed by April 24)
      • Open Admissions Decisions begin after May 1


Five Oaks Academy CampusFive Oaks Academy is a school that thrives on a good fit for the child, the family, and the school. The needs of the children take priority, followed by that of the family.

The selection of applicants is based upon admission standards which include teacher interviews with the child, academic assessments, and behavior complementary to Montessori philosophy as well as the perceived parental support and understanding of our Montessori program.    Your application to our academy implies your commitment to our three-year Montessori curriculum.

Students already enrolled at Five Oaks Academy and siblings of currently enrolled students are given preference in enrollment. Scholarships are available; families who may need this support are encouraged to apply for this benefit. The portal to submit scholarship application opens in January and all scholarship funds are awarded the March prior to the award school year.