Parent Q&A Breakfast

Parent Q&A Breakfast
Five Oaks Academy - Simpsonville, SC
8:45 AM
9:45 AM

Q&A Breakfast with Kathryn Kvols

Please join us for a Q&A Breakfast with Kathryn Kvols on the Five Oaks Academy main campus at 8:45 a.m.

Kathryn J. Kvols, formerly a mental health counselor, is president of the International Network for Children and Families, through which her book and parent education materials are used around the world. Kathryn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Social Work with a minor in Education from Concordia College in Minnesota.  She has directed summer camps for children, focusing on personal growth skills. As a parent educator, she speaks and gives workshops around the country.

A “catalyst for creating healthy relationships” is the best way to describe Kathryn Kvols. A dynamic and entertaining international speaker, Kathryn has worked with thousands of teachers, nurses, counselors, childcare workers and parents, presenting keynote addresses, workshops, and classes. Kathryn presents fresh new ways of looking at age-old problems. Seeing with these new eyes, her audience is inspired to make amazing shifts toward loving action. These loving actions are creating more satisfying relationships at home, in school and in the workplace.  She is adept at creating safe learning environments through her heart-felt speaking style, her sense of humor, and insightful observations. Her workshops are interactive and her audiences walk away with practical tools they can implement immediately.