Community of Individuals

Primary Students Perform at International FestivalAt Five Oaks Academy we celebrate and honor children as individuals and work to harness their unique abilities, gifts, talents, and potential. In adhering to a “whole-child” approach, our goal is to help each child reach his or her full potential in all areas of life. Activities and lessons promote the development of social skills, emotional growth, and physical coordination as well as cognitive preparation. Our holistic curriculum allows the child to experience the joy of learning, to enjoy the process, to insure the development of self-esteem, and provides the experiences from which children create their knowledge in a way that celebrates their learning styles.

Student Observing And Respecting NatureFive Oaks Academy acknowledges and addresses the idea that all people draw on multiple intelligences.  Based on Howard Gardner’s research and ideas, children and adults have finite strengths and learning styles known as intelligences.  These are categorized as linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist intelligences.  A majority of schools focus primarily on the linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences.  Studies show that recognizing and acting upon the idea that there are a wealth of intelligences allows for a more comprehensive education of the child.  Five Oaks Academy supports the philosophy that children need multiple forms of education to satisfy their many intelligences and modes of learning.