Día de Los Muertos Celebrations at Five Oaks Academy

Maria Montessori was a strong advocate for peace education. At Five Oaks Academy, students build their cultural competency by learning about the many cultural traditions around the world and appreciating their differences. Promoting diversity and understanding of other cultures teaches the Five Oaks Academy Spanish Program’s core value of offering the children a real-world impression of the Spanish speaking cultures worldwide.

As part of the Spanish curriculum, students at Five Oaks Academy will explore the holiday Día de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, through stories and activities in class such as making alebrijes, cempasúchiles, and papel picado! This holiday, recognized by UNESCO and with origins in Mexico, is celebrated globally with colorful costumes and decor, singing, dancing, and more.

One of the several traditions that make this holiday unique is the creation of an altar which is meant to recognize a loved one. Preparation for Día de Los Muertos at Five Oaks Academy will begin at the end of October and last until the beginning of November, with the main celebration on November 2nd. Students will be learning and celebrating this event during their Spanish class time and will be given the option to bring a photo of a loved one to place on the altar in the FOA community. This can be a passed relative, pet, friend, or famous person.

Five Oaks Academy’s rich Spanish program begins in the Pre-Primary classroom and continues through the Middle School. In addition to several live Spanish lessons a week, students (fifth grade and older) utilize Rosetta Stone to further their Spanish knowledge and their ability to speak the Spanish language. Learning to understand the Spanish-speaking cultures worldwide and speak the language is an important part of the experience at Five Oaks Academy.