FOA Launches Global S.T.E.A.M. Program and is Awarded S.T.E.A.M Grant

Five Oaks Academy is honored and excited to announce we are the recipients of a 2018 grant “Growing in SC: The Future of STEAM is Here” provided by S²TEM Centers SC in conjunction with the South Carolina Coalition for Mathematics and Science ( The sixth-grade students will benefit from this grant as it paid for their participation in the Level Up Village program “Doctor’s DNA”. A special thank you to Level Up Coordinator, Ms. Valerie Full,  for writing a winning grant!

Five Oaks Academy is first in the Upstate to launch the Level Up Village (LUV) program, a global S.T.E.A.M program. Level Up Village delivers pioneering global STEAM enrichment courses that promote design thinking and 1-to-1 collaboration between students around the world. Our sixth graders will pilot three programs this year: Global Conversations: Doctors DNA, Global Conversations: Malala Yousafzai, and Global Conversations: The Giver. One of the unique aspects of this global program is the partnership our students will form with students living in a third world country. When a LevelUp student kit is purchased in the United States, the money from that purchase sponsors a student in another country who lives on a household income of $1.00 a day or less. For the first two programs, our students have been partnered with a school in Ghana.

Once the decision was made this Fall to launch the Level Up Village program, we researched options to make it happen. At Five Oaks Academy, we excel at providing engaging opportunities for in-depth learning that reach beyond our own classroom excellence. Ways we enrich our program excellence include Khan Academy, Rosetta Stone, Global Outreach, and Community Service. We are excited to add this innovative program that reinforces our rich Montessori curriculum, allows our students to create global connections, and gives students the opportunity for their world studies to be expanded and brought to life! A special thank you to S²TEM Centers SC and the South Carolina Coalition for Mathematics and Science ( for the grant that provided one of these valuable experiences to our students!