FOA Middle School Students Experience Internships in the Greenville Business Community


UU World of Children Montessori School, Greenville

Five Oaks Academy is the only Montessori program in the area that goes through 8th grade. The Middle School is a hybrid program that merges elements from both the Montessori program and a traditional classroom. It is thought of as a bridge program that prepares students for high school and beyond.


Cleveland Park Animal Hospital, Simpsonville

In conjunction with an excellent academic curriculum, an important element of the Middle School program is the development of self identity. Teachers guide students in examining their personal strengths and interests and then provide experiences to explore them. As a Sixth grader, students perform mentorships on the FOA campus to prepare them for their seventh and eighth grade year when they go out into the Greenville business community to participate in internships.


Greenville County Library, Simpsonville Branch

Internships give students the opportunity to shadow business professionals in areas in which they have interests and strengths.  These experiences offer them an introduction to different career options as well as the etiquette required in each of these workplaces. Students are able to see what the day to day looks like in particular employment settings that they may be considering, gaining a real world perspective on the occupation. During their last two years at Five Oaks, they will experience 6 different internships, providing insight into possible career paths.

FOA graduates are successful because of their strong Montessori foundation coupled with the unique opportunities to participate in real life activities. These experiences are just another way Five Oaks Academy prepares students for life after Montessori.

A special thank you to Guy Adamson of Guy Adamson Photography ( for visiting our students during their internships and photographing them in action!