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Graduate Raises Funds to Purchase Sign for Five Oaks Academy Campus

Montessori Student Enhances CampusJuliet Jacob, seven year veteran of Five Oaks Academy, raised funds and purchased a sign for the Five Oaks Academy campus as a part of her graduation project.  She raised more than $2,000 through her efforts of fundraising events held at the school.  The events she planned, organized, and and managed included catering special events,  hosting hot dog sales for campus-wide events, babysitting for evening parent education events, teaching a hula-hooping studio for after school students, and holding a Valentine’s Day dance for students.

With the help of Russ Morin, her teacher of six years,  and Laura Baur, school owner,  Juliet created a design for the sign which stands at the entrance of Five Oaks Academy.  When asked about her project, Juliet said,  “It was tough work getting it installed in the ground but the end result is great. I am proud to be a graduate of Five Oaks Academy.”

Montessori Student Works On Sign For Independent SchoolGraduating eighth grade students of Five Oaks Academy plan and propose ideas for graduation projects.  These projects are designed for the students to have the opportunity and experience of giving back to the school through a community service effort.  Other projects include an arbor for the entrance of the nature trail and a promotional video.