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Greenwood Genetics Mobile Lab Visits FOA Middle School

IMG_3989The 7th and 8th graders had the wonderful opportunity of working with Greenwood Genetics Lab on Thursday, January 15 . This mobile lab allows students to be able to put their knowledge to the test. For the past nine weeks, the Middle School students have studied cells, genetics and heredity. This was the culminating project for the students. Each child had a work station and was able to participate in two experiments.

The first experiment consisted of extracting DNA from split peas. The students learned and practiced all safety precautions and were able separate the pea proteins to find and see the actual DNA. The second experiment was more of a real life experiment. The kids used the process of gel electrophoresis to test the proteins in imitation crab meat and real crabmeat. They then were able to apply this information to find out if a crab dish brought to a hypothetical pot luck was used to poison a hypothetical victim.

The kids really enjoyed applying the knowledge they have learned about cells and genetics to a real life experiment. It was a great way for the students to see how you can use basic skills we learn at school and begin to weave a path for future jobs and interests.