We will be closed for Winter Break from Monday, February 19 through Friday, February 23. We will return on Monday, February 26.

Montessori Education Week

Maria MontessOver 100 years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori began a revolution in education. In analyzing the needs of children, she discovered that students respond well to respect, a stimulating curriculum and environment, and the ability to have choices. As we celebrate Montessori Week across the state and across the world, we are thankful for the opportunities this educational method offers our students. Our Governor, Nikki Haley, has continued the tradition of recognizing “Montessori Week” by signing the State of South Carolina Governor’s Proclamation. Five Oaks Academy will celebrate by hosting a community gathering where Middle School student’s video of why Montessori is important to them. We will join international Montessori ans in a moment of silence to allow our students to reflect on their own education and the influence of Montessori on their lives. Lastly, we will host student performances at our in-house Strengths Show.


“Montessori education has basically opened a new window for me. I feel so included and I feel safe to be myself. All the teachers are always willing to help, but at the same time they teach you to be independent. I appreciate all Maria Montessori’s work. I wouldn’t have made it here without her.”

-Grace Ireland