Resourses for Parents on Montessori Education

The most recent copy of “Tomorrow’s Child” is now available in the office. “Tomorrow’s Child” is a monthly magazine published by the International Montessori Council (IMC) with the purpose of further educating parents and teachers on the Montessori method. This magazine is a great resource that provides articles on how to nurture your child both academically and at home.

Five Oaks Academy has been a member¬†of the IMC since our conception as a school. Every year we attend their National Conference and our Executive Director, Kathleen Trewhella-Grant, has completed their course on Building a World-Class Montessori School. The IMC also¬†offers resources on Montessori education to parents and teacher on their website. For more information on IMC and Montessori education please visit or stop by the office for the latest copy of “Tomorrow’s Child”.