ScanSource Expands Middle School Students Understanding of 3D Printing


The Middle School Program at Five Oaks Academy strives to give students opportunities to understand the business world through meaningful presentations given by experts in their specific fields. This year, our Middle School students have expressed a specific interest in computer design and technology so they contacted ScanSource, Inc, an international distributor of specialty technology products.  ScanSource’s Greg Dixon, Chief Technology Officer,  and Andrew Bougie, 3D Technology Specialist, generously shared their expertise on 3D Printing with the Middle School during a 2 1/2 hour presentation on Monday, December 14.

Mr. Dixon and Mr. Bougie’s informative presentation helped the students understand the history of the manufacturing industry to give them context for the benefits of 3D printers. They discussed how 3D printing technology can currently benefit businesses and the future possibilities of this technology.  Students learned about the layering process that a 3D printer undergoes when creating items, the different types of 3D printers, and the different materials that can be printed 3 dimensionally. They were also able to examine two 3D printers up-close and in detail.  The students were impressed by the different things this cutting edge technology is capable of printing.  They were excited to explore free software that can be used to create their own designs and options of how to outsource the actual printing to companies that specialize in 3D printing, even if they don’t have printers of their own.

IMG_5981Mr. Dixon ended this fascinating presentation by advising the students that rather than memorizing specific facts,  it will benefit them more in the future to develop a good attitude, strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn new things. He shared a story about ScanSource’s decision to explore 3D printing. Everyone chosen for the exploratory team had to have an attitude of adaptability, flexibility, and willingness to teach themselves the necessary details. He also encouraged the students to pay attention in Physics class, since understanding physics unlocks the universe. The Middle School would like to thank Mr. Dixon and Mr. Bougie for their time, effort and information!
As part of the FOA Middle School program, we strive to expose students to different career paths and technologies. In addition to special presentations, students have the opportunity to participate in internships in the Greenville community throughout their 7th and 8th grade years. These students get invaluable experience when shadowing business professionals in areas that interest them most.  In preparation for the internships, our students do mentor-ships on campus their 6th grade year. We invite you to schedule a tour to see how Five Oaks Academy can prepare your child for the real world!