STEM in the Montessori Environment

Dr. Maria Montessori developed a STEM curriculum over 100 years ago knowing that the best way for students to retain information is through a hands-on inquiry approach to learning.

Dr. Montessori went against traditional education norms by insisting that, even at age 3, students needed to focus their attention on the natural world of sciences. Today if you visit a Montessori Primary classroom consisting of 3, 4 and 5-year-olds, you will see real-life photographs and maps pertaining to continent studies and biomes. What you won’t see are photos of fantasy and make-believe cartoon characters on the walls or on the shelves.

Entrenched in the Montessori philosophy is a scientific method that corresponds to the modern design process touted by the STEM Curriculum. These two educational ideas work hand in hand to support student driven inquiry and reflection.