The Montessori Elementary Experience

We would like to invite the parents of our elementary level children to join us for a night exploring the “Montessori Elementary Experience” on Tuesday, August 20 from 6:00-7:00 pm! 

We will be covering the following topics that will help parents understand the logistics of the elementary classrooms as well as the social and emotional components:

  • Subject Teaching
  • Daily Schedule & Related Arts
  • Independence & Accountability: Student work in the classroom
  • Role of Contact Groups
  • Homework & Projects
  • Field trips
  • Cooking & Snack Preparation
  • Social Dynamics of the Elementary Child 
    • Planes of Development
    • How Montessori helps increase social awareness
    • How you as a parent can support your child’s social awareness and development
    • Book discussion- Queen Bees and Wannabees
  • Preparation for Middle School