The Next High School to Open for 2014-2015 School Year

Next logoWe are very excited about a innovative new high school that is scheduled to open in Greenville for the 2014-2015 academic year. FOA’s Executive Director, Kathleen Trewhella-Grant and Executive Coordinator, Jessica Greer, attended the Next High School Education Summit where the plan was unveiled to create the Next High School. The Next High School, modeled after Cart High School in Fresno C.A., will be a public charter school. The pioneer of this school is the Next Group, a group of entrepreneurial businesses dedicated to bringing commerce to Greenville. Their mission is to bring community leaders and businesses together to create a school that will have project-based learning with an emphasis on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The school will have flexible work spaces and work schedules with a focus on creating real life connections to help prepare students for “life after school”.ย  The Next High School’s philosophies fit very well with what Montessori has been doing for 100 years. To get more information please go to They would like feedback on your level of interest in enrolling your child at feel our students would be great candidates for the Next High School.