Art Program

Art Explorations At Art ShowThe Five Oaks Academy Art Program is built on a rotating four year curriculum of art history. Children receive individual and small group instruction in multiple forms of media. Teaching art through a timeline approach more closely aligns our art program to our central program, as our Elementary and Middle School curricula are designed with the same format. Each year the art curriculum culminates with a public showing of student art in the spring. The historical timeline of art education of Five Oaks Academy offers glimpses to the children of the development of art through time.

Students Explore Work of Jackson Pollock

The first year covers the most primitive art of pre-historic peoples through the art of the great ancient civilizations to the artists of the Renaissance, da Vinci, Michelangelo, and more. The second year moves on to studies of the European masters, the impressionists, and post impressionists. The third year brings in the history of North American art, teaching the children Native American art styles, Mayan and Aztec art, artists of Mexico, American artists, and artists of South Carolina. The fourth year is an exploration of modern art and artists from modern time including Matisse, Klee, Pollack, Kandinsky, and Picasso.

Students Explore art history curriculum and art showThe Art program at Five Oaks Academy also includes a Creative Arts program which teaches the elements of visual art, explorations, and applications of media and varying styles.  The open ended approach to exploration with materials & supplies enhances the artistic journey of discovery for the children at Five Oaks Academy.  The Art History and Creative Arts programs alternate regularly throughout the yearly progression and students are simultaneously working and learning through both curricula.