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Spanish Program

Students Are Immersed In The Language ProgramAt Five Oaks Academy, children in all classrooms are educated in the Spanish language. Spanish instruction begins in the Toddler Program and follows the child through our Middle School experience. Children are taught basic vocabulary as a cornerstone, and as their breadth of understanding develops, children are introduced to the multiple dimensions, cultures, geography, and people that together make the Spanish speaking world. Spanish language instruction is taught in small and large group lessons and is integrated into the classroom materials. In some areas of the classrooms there are two sets of materials: one in English and one in Spanish. There are also materials that are expressly for Spanish work. Children also learn to play familiar games using Spanish language. Additionally, the children in the Elementary and Middle School Programs begin to go out to local restaurants that boast Spanish fare. While at the restaurant, they order in Spanish and conduct their entire visit in Spanish, including payment for their meal and survival communication. International studies continue at every age level at Five Oaks Academy.

Spanish Lesson And Cultural StudyOur study of foreign cultures integrates art, music, dance, cooking, geography, literature, lifestyle, and science. The children also experience the study of cultures, traditions, and history of Spanish speaking countries. Children learn to prepare dishes from all around the world as well as learn traditional folk songs, ceremonial dances, and art. This depth of education offers the children a real world impression of the Spanish speaking cultures worldwide and sets our program apart as a rigorous, integrated, and advanced academic experience for the children, academically, and culturally.