Curriculum Council

The Curriculum Council is the core operating leadership group on campus.ย  The Council consists of lead faculty from every division, meets twice a month, and attends a planning and professional development retreat each year.

Academic and Curriculum Leadership

In its first nine years, the school experienced more than 500% growth; the Curriculum Council has become the leading body for admissions, curriculum decisions, and reviewing best practice in education.ย  The Curriculum Coordinator serves as a proceeding member of the group as the faculty reviews standards and new achievement information as it relates to our students.ย  Each student who is accepted into Five Oaks Academy applies and is reviewed by the Council for acceptance into the school.ย  Collaboratively making decisions that affect the whole campus rests not on one individual, but on our leadership group, whose interests represent the whole of our community.

The best leaders of all are the ones the people do not know exist.ย  They turn to each other and say,ย  “We did it ourselves”.

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